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-You pseotd this command:4Restart in to Single User ModeRestart your machine, and hold down the ?Command ( apple )? + ?O o for orange ​)? + ?F ( f for fred )? keys.This will boot you in to single user mode.Unfortunately that is not correctThe steps you provided are for booting to Open Firmware, not Single user modeIt is not possible ​to boot to open firmware on any mac with an Intel processor, so these commands are a bit out of dateIf you do have PowerPCthe commands in open firmware will eject your disk.To boot to single user mode on a PowerPC or Intel machold the Command key (the one on either side of the space barand the letter ​ S'. I do not know how to eject the optical drive in single user mode, if you know how to use Unix to open a disk drive, that will likely work hereWhat single user mode is, is booting to a Unix command line.+===== Anderer Konsolenbefehlkram ===== 
 +  mdadm -As --auto=yes 
 +startet alle vorhandenen sw-raids. homg wichtig. 
 +  gcc -march=native -E -v - </​dev/​null 2>&1 | sed -n 's/.* -v - //p' 
 +zeigen was "​-march=native"​ für optionen setzt :) 
 +  nas brot # dd if=/​dev/​zero of=brotscheibe_backup.btrfs.img bs=1M count=50k oflag=append conv=notrunc 
 +append 50G to an existing imagefile. to be used to resize those :) 
 +mkdir /​usr/​share/​ssl/​certs/​hostname.domain.com 
 +cd /​usr/​share/​ssl/​certs/​hostname.domain.com 
 +(umask 077 && touch host.key host.cert host.info host.pem) 
 +openssl genrsa 2048 > host.key 
 +openssl req -new -x509 -nodes -sha1 -days 3650 -key host.key > host.cert 
 +...[enter *.domain.com ​for the Common Name]... 
 +openssl x509 -noout -fingerprint -text < host.cert > host.info 
 +cat host.cert host.key > host.pem 
 +chmod 400 host.key host.pem 
 +selfsigned wildcard ssl cert 
 +  lconvert -i quassel_cs.po -o quassel_cs.ts && lupdate -no-obsolete ../src -ts quassel_cs.ts && lconvert -i quassel_cs.ts -o quassel_cs.po 
 +quassel stringupdate 
 +  brot /​mnt/​nas/​Daten/​Fotos/​2010/​2010-05-20 $ for i in _MG_9{180..352}.CR2; do dcraw -w -c -q 0 $i | cjpeg -scale 1/8 -optimize -progressive > /​home/​brot/​pics_preview/​$i.jpg ; done 
 +fotos von _MG_9180.CR2 bis _MG_9352.CR2 als jpeg-vorschau speichern 
 +  [18:39:00] <​basilgohar>​ cat input.jpg | jpegtoppm | pamscale -filter lanczos -xyfit x y | ppmtopng > output.png 
 +  [18:39:36] <​basilgohar>​ There'​s likely ​not to be too many methods ​with better quality than that. 
 +  [18:39:57] <​basilgohar>​ As bonusnetpbm is gamma aware. 
 +pics skalieren :) 
 +  eix -Ixc | grep 999 
 +zeigt einem alle 9999 versionen an 
 +  ssh -CTN -p 55555 -L 8118:​localhost:​8118 brot@minad.de 
 +den auf minad.de laufenden privoxyüber einen komprimierten ssh-tunnel auf den localhost:​8118 port biegen - praktisch fürs mobile surfen 
 +  i=1; while ((i <= 6)); do j=2; while ((j<​=5));​ do echo $((i)) $((j++)) $(((i-1)*4+(j-2)));​ done; ((i++)); done 
 +baustelle: dvds von 2 laufwerken einlesen und die titel und alles richtig setzen 
 +  i=1; while ((i <= 6)); do j=2; while ((j<​=5));​ do mplayer -dvd-device /dev/dvd -dumpstream -dumpfile /​mnt/​floppy/​house_s2_src/​house_s2_e$((((i++)-1)*4+(j-1))) dvd://​$((j))\&​ mplayer -dvd-device /dev/dvd2 -dumpstream -dumpfile /​mnt/​floppy/​house_s2_src/​house_s2_e$((((i++)-1)*4+(j-1))) dvd://​$((j))\&​ wait; eject /dev/dvd; eject /dev/dvd2; echo "cd $((i-2)) und $((i-1)) fertig";​ echo "​dvdwechsel";​ read ulf; eject -t /dev/dvd; eject -t /dev/dvd2; echo "​anlaufen lassen..."; sleep 30; done; done 
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