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   - ./easyrsa build-ca   - ./easyrsa build-ca
   - ./easyrsa build-server-full brot-mqtt nopass   - ./easyrsa build-server-full brot-mqtt nopass
-  - ./easyrsa build-client-full brot-owntracks ​nopass+  - ./easyrsa build-client-full brot-owntracks 
 +    - passwort ist bei owntracks pflicht
   - cp pki/​issued/​brot-mqtt.crt pki/​private/​brot-mqtt.key pki/ca.crt ~/​docker-mosquitto/​   - cp pki/​issued/​brot-mqtt.crt pki/​private/​brot-mqtt.key pki/ca.crt ~/​docker-mosquitto/​
 +  - openssl pkcs12 -export -in pki/​issued/​brot-owntracks.crt -inkey pki/​private/​brot-owntracks.key -name "brot owntracks TLS Client Cert" -out brot-owntracks.p12
 ==== mosquitto MQTT brocker im Docker-Container ==== ==== mosquitto MQTT brocker im Docker-Container ====
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