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-wmtcycspu, http://​bestprivateschoolsinhouston.comprivate schools in houstonRkBPNDi, http://​findcommunitycollegesinminnesota.com/​ minnesota community colleges, PtMVHdN, ​http://topitalianrestaurantsnyc.comitalian restaurants new york, sZAYcRo, http://​culinaryartsschoolsinnewyork.com/ top culinary schools in new york city, gbVXidg, http://​finddentalschoolsintexas.com/​ dental hygiene schools in houston texasBBNhWyN, http://​findapersonaltrainerchicago.com/​ personal trainer in chicagobLjZvpd, http://​bestitalianrestaurantsdenver.com/​ italian restaurants denverTeFgmBy, http://​bestitalianrestaurantssanfrancisco.com/​ italian restaurants in north beach san francisco, miSLEjx.+===== Videos für die PSP encodieren ===== 
 +==== Unterstütztes Format ===== 
 +  * AVC (.mp4) (Video-CodecH.264) (Audio-Codec:​ AAC) 
 +  * max 480x272 Pixel 
 +  * max 1500 Kbit/s Videomax 128 Kbit/s Audio 
 +==== Encoder ==== 
 +  mplayer input.mkv -vf cropdetect -sb 50000000 
 +balken etc erkennen 
 +  mencoder input.mkv -vf crop=688:​432:​18:72,scale=720:432,expand=720:576,harddup -nosound -ovc x264 -x264encopts bitrate=1000:​threads=2:​subq=4:​frameref=2:bframes=3:​b_adapt:​b_pyramid:​weight_b:​pass=1 -of rawvideo -o movie.x264
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