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brot 2011/03/01 10:24

QuasselDroid is an Android-client for the Quassel core - an IRC client. It enables users of Android devices to connect to their Quassel core and chat right away.

While Quasseldroid is in an early stage of development, it already can be used to chat. Just expect some rough edges and be careful if you have a limited mobile internet plan ;)

These builds are from me and in no way official or releases. I just build them from the github repo and provide them for others to download:

  • Motorola Milestone ( Android 2.3.2 CM7-rc2 ) - tested by brot
  • Motorola Defy ( Android 2.1 ) - tested by brot
  • HTC Desire (Android 2.2 ) - tested by pennywise
  • Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro (Android 2.1) - tested by pixelma
  • ZTE Blade (Android 2.3.2 CM7 (nightly 6) )- tested by AlexP
  • HTC Desire HD (Android 2.2.1)- tested by vop
  • Acer liquid metal s120(Android 2.2.1)- tested by Tina
  • Samsung Galaxy S i9000 (Android 2.2.x) - tested by summel
  • HTC Desire Z (Android 2.3.2 CM7 nightly) - tested by Radix
  1. ensure you enabled “allow untrusted sources” somewhere in the options of android
  2. download the .apk
  3. open a file manager (astro for example) and search the file. then, wonder why it is named .zip
  4. rename the file to .apk
  5. open it, and install
  6. if you installed Quasseldroid the first time, you have to add a core. use the option key to open the “manage core” dialog
  • somehow, updating does not work - so you have to remove and reinstall it every time.
  • if the connection fails (timeout, no internet, wrong username/password) quasseldroid may segfault. ensure everything is correct and retry.
  • connecting and backlog fetching takes some time, so it is wise to try it while on wifi.
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